About Us

The 2gether Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Louisville, KY, and Cincinnati, OH, committed to helping parents reunite with their children. Through the Foundation's services, parents in our local communities can receive personalized binders detailing legal processes, providing support and knowledge to help them navigate the family court systems. Our resources include experienced legal professionals who aim to provide customized guidance to reach the best possible outcome for the family. We regularly expand our reach throughout surrounding counties and beyond to empower more needy families. The 2gether Foundation is dedicated to reuniting parents with their children and creating a stronger community for future generations.

Our Services

Customized Binder geared toward your unique situation.
- Document break down
 -Legal terms
 -Affirmations and Positivity
 -Calendar and Folders to keep everything in order
 -Resources to help in this situation
 -Sections geared toward the reason why this has happened

Domestic Violence
 Living Conditions
 Various Other Factors



With your binder, you will get direct contact information for Jennifer &
Kayla, as well as our compassionate volunteers

We will also assist with going to court with you if that is where we are needed to

Supervised Visit Assistance
 We will assist in locating a safe place for your visits, and we will volunteer to be a
Supervisor for said visits

Our Passion

2gether, Jennifer and Kayla believe that all children deserve to grow up in a safe, supportive, and loving family environment. Collaborating with social service providers, schools, and businesses, The 2gether Foundation ensures that no child experiences mental, physical, or psychological harm. Their mission is to break down the barriers that prevent families from achieving stability. Through meaningful partnerships and innovative initiatives, the 2gether Foundation seeks to help families thrive, build stronger communities, and break the intergenerational cycle of poverty and hopelessness. 2gether, they're working to ensure that all children and parents are provided with the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

About Our Founders


Jennifer West is a motivated Case Manager and Certified Life Coach with a
mission to give back. With personal experience surmounting such difficulties as addiction,
domestic violence, and a criminal record, she is passionate about providing parents in similar
positions accessible resources and guidance. Following an inspiring journey across state lines for
better opportunities, Jennifer now desires to be the source of support she was once seeking.
Drawing from her life experiences, she aims to empower and advise her community on
reconstructing lives and reuniting parents with their children. Unwaveringly devoted to the
mission of the 2gether Foundation, Jennifer is steadfast in ensuring each parent has the resources
they need to succeed.


Kayla Phillips is an experienced paralegal and certified life coach driven by her passion for
helping people. She knows how difficult it can be to lose children due to addiction, poverty, and
more. She has experienced this through her immediate and extended family's struggles and has
dedicated her time to relieving the suffering of those around her. Through her compassionate
lens, Kayla assists people trapped in self-destructive cycles to find light and hope for a better
future. She profoundly understands addictions, poverty, and all the problems that can arise,
causing you to lose your children. Moreover, Kayla is also a domestic violence survivor and a
dedicated mother, which gives her an even deeper understanding of the effects of trauma.



Qualified individuals to help you navigate these circumstances

Jade Brewer (Louisville, KY)

Resource Coordinator

Jadelynn has the desire to help people and to learn, with a degree in Criminal Justice and vast knowledge of research, she keeps our resources up-to-date and assists with maintaining case loads. 

Allow us 2
 help you through the steps and this process


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